What to Look for in a Sign Company

Things to Consider in Designing Signage

Designing signage can be a huge undertaking, but getting it right is essential for ensuring success. Not only does proper signage direct customers and help boost your branding presence, but it can also make or break the overall look of your business. With so many factors to consider especially a good sign company, it’s important to evaluate each one carefully before making any design decisions. In this article, we’ll look at some of the important things to consider when designing signage for your business.


Location plays an important role in the success of any signage design. You’ll need to assess the area and environment around your business, as well as its impact on visibility and how customers will interact with your signage. Is the area well-lit? Are there other competing signs nearby that might distract from yours? Will your sign be visible from a distance or hidden away from view?


The size of the sign is an important factor to consider when designing, as it can help increase visibility and impact. Large signs are more visible from a distance, but may be too large for smaller areas or take up too much space in relation to the size of your business. Consider how much real estate you have available and whether a larger sign is needed to make an impact.


The font you choose will be important in conveying your message and making sure that it stands out from the crowd. Consider how legible the font is from a distance, as well as its overall style. Make sure to find a balance between readability and visual appeal, as using overly ornate fonts may be hard to read or off-putting for some customers.


Colors can be used to create a visual impact and draw attention to your sign. Bright colors can help stand out from the competition, while more muted tones may be better suited for subtlety. Consider the color scheme of your business’ branding as well as any current trends in signage design that could be incorporated into your own.

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