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Do you need signage for your place of business or special occasion? We can take care of your company’s image. When it comes to signing ideas and solutions, A-Ace Sign Co., LLC is in a class of their own. Our sign shop is conveniently based in Los Altos, CA, and we specialize in channel letter signs, pylon signs, and more.

Our Services

Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Centers

A catch-all phrase used to describe any kind of programmable electronic signage for shops & more. The content of electronic displays, also known as electronic message centers or electronic changeable copy signs, is changed or altered using electrically lighted or mechanically operated changeable segments. A projection from an electronic display might be of a fixed picture, a scrolling image, or a moving image, such as a movie or animation. While computer-controlled variable message electronic displays contain material that can be updated or altered by computer-driven electrical impulses, fixed message electronic displays have informative content that is pre-programmed.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Channel letters are personalized letters that may help your business succeed. Customers will notice these letters and form an impression of your company as a result. We will create bespoke channel letters according to your preferences and realize the business concept. Three-dimensional, individually lighted letters or images may be created using channel letters through fabrication. Neon glass is fitted into U-shaped metal channels to create channel lettering. Channel letters come in three different varieties from us. Standard channel letters feature a tinted Plexiglas front and a U-channel base. The common channel letters can be completely customized to your preferences by our professional neon sign shop.



A ground sign has a short height overall. A monument is a detachable, freestanding sign that has a proportional, substantial foundation or structural frame connected to the sign surface. Monuments, which are also known as ground signs or low profile signs, are frequently distinguished by their sturdy bases and low installation. They can have internal or outdoor lighting.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs

We are experts in pylon signage. Instead of resting on your structure, pylon signs employ uprights, braces, columns, and poles for support. Pylon signs are used by hotels, restaurants, and gas stations to improve visibility. Signs mounted on pylons can be single- or double-sided, lighted with LED or fluorescent lighting, or unlit. Gas station signage and outdoor advertising for malls and retail complexes are traditional examples of pylon signs. The height and freestanding support of pylon signage are their key advantages. This enables placement to be directed in a certain manner. People will always be able to view the sign thanks to the lighting.

Sign Repair

Sign Repair

Your business depends on signage to let customers and clients know when its doors are open, what products are available, and much more, whether it’s the sign over your entrance or the LED advertising signs in your window. Of course, since signs depend on energy and light bulbs, they may occasionally be damaged. There are several advantages to working with a skilled LED sign repair business, from cleaning and repair to complete replacement.


The Benefits

Consider ditching the halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent lights in your company’s structure and signage. It makes sense that more and more businesses are making the transition as LED has undoubtedly revolutionized the globe over the past few years. By upgrading existing lighting fixtures, installing new LED digital signage, and retrofitting old signs, you can add LED lighting to your commercial site. The lower energy consumption of LED lighting is one of the main arguments in favor of using it for your company’s signage. LED lighting uses between 50% and 75% less power than more conventional lighting. As a result, less energy is required and energy expenses drop significantly. LED will be quite advantageous for some businesses with 24/7 signage.

How We Do It

We provide our professional custom signs & more, using top-quality equipment and nothing but reliable materials, for maximum results. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and we think having the right equipment and tools is the best way to do it.

Areas We Serve

We hope you learned more about our services and how we help people all over Los Altos, CA. Now, you can also book a consultation with us if you are located in any of the following areas:

  • Loyola, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Hillsborough Town, CA
  • Fairview, CA
  • Atherton Town, CA

Do you need a dependable sign company in Los Altos, CA? A-Ace Sign Co., LLC is the company that you should call.

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by Tommy S. on A-Ace Sign Co., LLC
Great Job!

I contacted this professional sign shop for my business building, and I am quite delighted with the results. They installed a high-quality sign, and I highly recommend them! Thanks a lot!

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